Dentures in Madison

For many patients who have lost all of their permanent teeth, dentures are necessary to restore their ability to eat, speak and smile comfortably.

However, traditional dentures are not a perfect solution. By nature, they rest on top of the gums and require adhesive products to stay in place, which can be uncomfortable and unreliable. Additionally, dentures may be detrimental to oral health and, in rare cases, lead to serious complications.

In cases where a patient has lost all of his or her teeth, Dr. Peter Lotowski strongly believes in the benefits of using dental implants to support conventional dentures and dental bridges. He has seen firsthand the advantages of anchoring dental prosthetics with implants.

The doctors offer several different solutions for Madison dental implants patients who are missing all of their teeth and want to restore normal dental appearance and function. The options include the following:

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If you're interested in a reliable replacement for missing teeth, please contact Wisconsin Dental Solutions by calling (608) 834-6321. A friendly member of our Madison dental implants team will gladly schedule a consultation for you to meet Dr. Lotowski and the rest of our staff.

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