Replacing All Teeth with Dental Implants

Traditionally, if a patient were to lose all of his or her teeth, dentists would recommend dentures: bulky appliances consisting of artificial plastic teeth that sit on the gum line. Although dentures are perfectly adequate, advances in technology have produced an innovative and permanent solution: dental implants. Dr. Peter Lotowski of Wisconsin Dental Solutions finds that replacing all of the teeth with dental implants in Madison, Wisconsin provides superior comfort and function, and is a more stable and longer-lasting option.

How Dental Implants Replace All of the Teeth

Implants can be used to create an implant-supported full bridge or an implant-supported fixed or removable denture. When supporting a denture prosthetic, implants replace most of the tooth roots, thereby preventing bone loss, gum irritation and other disadvantages of traditional dentures.

Learn more about implant-supported dentures, including implant-fixed dentures and implant-removable dentures.

Alternative: Traditional Dentures

Dentures are designed to replace multiple missing teeth — or more commonly, all of the teeth on the upper and/or lower arch. The appliances are crafted from plastic materials and sit on top of the gum line. Traditional dentures are held in place with adhesive materials but may slip or slide around in the mouth, making clicking or popping noises and causing pain and chewing difficulties. Traditional dentures must be removed and soaked at night to keep clean, preventing infection or disease. Also, dentures decrease approximately 70 percent of normal chewing capability..

Dental Implants vs. Traditional Dentures

Implant-supported tooth replacements are preferable to traditional dentures for a number of reasons. They:

  • Provide a level of stability and security that traditional dentures do not
  • Are placed in the jawbone to anchor the artificial teeth and keep the bone healthy
  • Do not need to be removed at night to clean and soak
  • Look very natural and life-like
  • Are more comfortable; require less of an "adjustment period"
  • Restore up to 95 percent of biting/chewing ability
  • Will not make clicking or popping noises

Schedule a Consultation with Our Madison Dental Implant Team

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