Day of Treatment

If you're considering dental implants treatment or have already set your surgery date, you're probably very curious about what happens on the day of treatment. Dr. Peter Lotowski of Wisconsin Dental Solutions has compiled a basic primer on what you can expect on the day of treatment.

Arriving at Our Office

You should plan to arrive at our office 15 to 20 minutes prior to your procedure. This gives you ample chance to ask any last-minute questions and get ready for treatment. We encourage you to have a family member or friend drive you to your appointment, remain in the waiting room during your procedure and drive you home afterward. Because of the numerous implants we place, there is a private, separate waiting area and two surgical suites for our implant patients.


In order to make your experience more comfortable and prevent you from feeling pain during treatment, our doctor will administer anesthesia. This may be in the form of an oral pill or through an IV. Our doctors will recommend the best method for anesthesia during the consultative phase. If you are fearful or gag easily, we recommend IV sedation. It is the most predictable and effective method of sedation.

Procedural Details

Using the CT scans and imaging collected prior to treatment as a guide, the doctor carefully sizes and makes a small hole in the jawbone. He widens it to make room for the implant post. Then, the doctor positions and places the post (which may resemble a small screw). Once placed, the doctor will secure gum tissue over the implant and place a protective cover screw to allow the site to heal.

How soon the doctor places the tooth restoration depends on your treatment plan. In some cases, our doctor places the implant post and replacement tooth on the same day. In other cases, he allows the post to heal before placing the tooth restoration.

When the doctor is ready to place the tooth, he will uncover the implant and attach a small connector piece called an abutment. Then, the doctor screws the artificial tooth / teeth onto the top of the abutment. Finally, any last-minute adjustments for proper fit and bite will be made.

After the Procedure

After your procedure, your family member or friend should drive you home and get you set up in a comfortable position to relax. Plan ahead to eat only soft foods for the first few days. Our team will provide comprehensive instructions for caring for the implant site as it heals.

Depending on your treatment plan, you will likely be able to return to work within a day or so. Some of our patients return to work the next day or the same day!

Contact Wisconsin Dental Solutions

For more information about what happens on the day of treatment, please call our office at (608) 834-6321. We would be happy to provide further details or answer your questions.

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