Why Choose Us

The passionate pursuit of excellence and the quest for clinical perfection – these qualities allow Dr. Lotowski and our entire dental team to exceed the expectations of dental implants patients who choose us for their smile restoration needs.

One-stop-shop: Your dental care begins with Dr. Lotowski, who also develops and executes your unique treatment plan, including the placement of dental implants and restorations. Your entire treatment is performed by the same dental team in the same office. This allows you to save time and receive continued, individualized care. You get to know our entire team, who care for you from the beginning to end.

Comfortable, pain-free implant dentistry: We are committed to providing you with safe, comfortable and pain-free dental implant treatments. We offer a range of sedation dentistry techniques and attentive aftercare to ensure maximum comfort from the beginning of your dental implants procedure until you achieve full recovery.

Never go home toothless: If you walk into our cosmetic dentistry office missing one or more teeth, we promise you that you will never walk out toothless.

Experience and Training: Dr. Lotowski has years of experience performing a range of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments, including the placement of dental implants.

Technology: Our state-of-the-art dental technology allows us to ensure maximum precision and safety during your dental implants procedure. From digital X-rays to CEREC one-visit dental restorations, our practice is equipped to handle your dental implant procedure from beginning to end.

When you choose us for your dental care, you can rest assured that your smile is our priority. Please contact us to learn more about our practice or to schedule your dental implant consultation appointment.

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